Fortify Umbrella Accreditation

The evolution to ensuring complete compliance

We are on a mission to protect the entire temporary contractor supply chain, and we are concerned at the increasing number of seemingly ‘compliant’ umbrellas which are getting away with misconduct. In response to industry demand, we have developed our Fortify accreditation as a robust standard to prove that umbrellas are providing lawful services and delivering them with complete integrity.

why choose PayePass Fortify?

How is PayePass Fortify different from other accreditations?

Importantly, we won’t just accept the information provided and rubber stamp it.  We will scratch way below the surface to ensure that everything we are told is being done, actually is happening in reality.  We need to see it with our own eyes.  To achieve this, unlike any other accreditation in the sector, we will meet all applicants in person to assess their systems and processes to independently:

Our process is not simply a box-ticking exercise.  We use real person oversight by our team of experts so that we can understand the specifics of a business.  We scratch beneath the surface, and there is nowhere to hide.  That’s why a PayePass Fortify accreditation is robust, reliable and the only one the supply chain should rely upon.

PayePass Fortify Accreditation does what it says, it Fortifies

Delivering confidence to your entire supply chain.

Fortify Criteria

Applicants will be examined on the following criteria:

It’s clear that we must eradicate the many tax avoidance schemes that masquerade as compliant umbrella companies and unlawful businesses.

Ultimate assurance for all Service Provider activities

Setting the new standard

The Fortify accreditation will set the standard & give ultimate assurance for all Service Provider activities. We’re not just using the legal minimum requirements because we all know that what is legal is not necessarily ethical – such as skimming or withholding holiday pay. Instead, we will be setting PayePass standards which we believe will become the minimum acceptable practices for reputable Service Providers.

Payepass CRM

Core Values

Our core values centre around two main principles: financial protection and legal protection

Financial Protection

For everyone’s financial protection we will be auditing to Financial Reporting Council Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500, including monitoring of all contractor related funds combined with quarterly eyes-on detailed analysis. Importantly, we track the full journey of those funds from:

All stages are critical because just analysing payroll in isolation can be misleading. Our process is truly robust and is why we can guarantee no tax avoidance, skimming or holiday pay misconduct has taken place.

Legal Protection

We know that some Service Providers exploit legal loopholes or push the boundaries of what is acceptable practice, so we do not want those businesses to be part of the PayePass revolution. Solely auditing according to the legal minimum required is insufficient, as demonstrated by recent scandals.

So, our Fortify accreditation will also consider, amongst other things, transparency of communications, honesty in business dealings, and whether procedures are genuinely in contractors’ best interests.

Our due diligence and rigorous testing will also confirm that Fortify holders are NOT:

The Future of PayePass

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We have set ourselves a big task. Work is already well underway in developing the full range of Fortify accreditations and more details will be released in the coming months.

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