Corporate Social Responsibility

We are PayePass Software Solutions Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”), trading as Paye Pass, registered in England with Company Number 12552735. Our registered office address is at 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, England, L3 1BP.
We are a software provider that provides businesses with access to payroll software services.
Our website is (“our site”).
If you need to contact us in relation to this Statement, you can do so by letter addressed to the Managing Director at the above address, or by email to

To benefit our business and the communities which we operate in requires our commitment to sustainable management of our activities. This statement applies to all areas of our business, and we wish to adopt and commit to the principles and practices set out in it.

2.1 We are committed to the well-being, continual development, and training of our workforce. Our employees are appreciated, valued with regular feedback given to each for a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to the business.
2.2 We operate a meritocracy, where employees are recognised and rewarded on the basis of effort, contribution, and achievements. We expect employees to act with integrity towards each other and exercise a high standard of business practice and workmanship. We support diversity and equal opportunities and aim to consult regularly with employees as to the direction of the business.

We aim to build relationships with customers and stakeholders to understand their objectives and meet their needs. We aim to provide fair value and consistent quality, honesty, reliability, the
highest professional and ethical standards, openness, and transparency in dealings with customers.

We aim to create and maintain relationships with key suppliers and contractors and to choose suppliers that share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality, and environmental
controls. We will communicate this to all suppliers and potential suppliers.

We aim to maintain the highest standards of health and safety, providing a safe and healthy working environment for all activities using a regularly reviewed and updated health and safety policy.

We strive to operate on a paperless basis and allow access to homeworking to reduce the impact on the environment of transport use by our employees. We have taken and will take appropriate steps to mitigate our environmental impact, including implementing procedures and training so employees and contractors understand their responsibilities to improve our performance.

We recognise and understand the significance of the local community within which we operate. We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups and promoting ethical and socially responsible trading. We actively support and donate to charities/non-profit organisations within our community.

8.1 We may change this Statement from time to time. This may be necessary, for example, if the law changes, or if we change our business in a way that affects it.
8.2 Any changes will be made available on our site.