Independent verification that
your payroll transactions are
compliant and correct

Rigorous compliance and
due diligence auditing

Analysis and scrutiny of all
payroll financial transactions

Umbrella payroll Auditing done the PayePass way

It’s the foundation on which to build your business


Financial & payments accuracy

Supply chain

Independent verification…

PayePass’ financial auditing to the exacting requirements of the Financial Reporting Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500

Data Security at PayePass powered by

Data security is paramount at PayePass and is achieved to ISO 27001 standards.


PayePass is 100% committed to keeping your data as secure as possible so that unauthorised access is prevented. We use multiple security measures plus encryption to ensure that your data remains secure at all times.

Restricted Access

Access to your data at all entry points is locked down to only authorised users. Preventing unauthorised access to your valuable data is the foundation for a secure data environment.

Data Security - The Details

Data security is much more than just headline points and box ticking. To ensure optimum protection of all data, PayePass utilises internal and external security expertise for every stage of the data journey.

Data Protection

Data Hosting




Neil Carberry

Chief Executive - Recruitment & employment Federation Says...

We take our responsibility as the recruitment industry’s single destination for advice, guidance and support seriously. PayePass is a REC Business Partner that audits umbrella companies to guarantee that no tax avoidance, evasion, unlawful deductions or other misconduct is present. PayePass forensically scrutinises umbrellas finances and is insurance-backed to give you added protection and peace of mind.