Protecting Your Business

Forensic payroll auditing done the PayePass way

What Sets PayePass apart?

No other compliance provider in the UK can match us

Unlike others that provide payroll compliance services, PayePass has its own in-house regulated professionals to analyse and scrutinise every aspect of an entire payroll run for any given period, with full eyes on financial auditing applying the Financial Reporting Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500.

To further support our credentials, independent chartered accountant experts in all things payroll, have validated our payroll calculations and PayePass Verify offering to ensure that we have the most accurate payroll calculations at our fingertips.

We guarantee that any business that successfully obtains our Verify Award is not involved in any tax avoidance, evasion, skimming, holiday pay misconduct or fraudulent activity in relation to their payroll processes. No other compliance provider is currently able to do the same.

The PayePass vision is for its Compliance and Verify Awards to become the foremost accepted wholly independent validation of Services Providers in the temporary workforce sector that demonstrates they are confident enough to allow a financial and legal deep dive to prove their commitment to compliance.

The ability to protect workers from misconduct is and always has been the driving force. 

PayePass Approved Service Providers

Provide a compliance guarantee

Whether a Service Provider achieves a Verify award or a Fortify accreditation, they become an Approved Service Provider and can proudly display one of our logos as proof of their accomplishments.

Both display a unique ID number for each Approved Provider that links to our online database to confirm its legitimacy.

The database provides information on prior audit dates, outcomes and, depending on what they have signed up for, the next audit date.

Third parties can sign up for automatic updates on all Service Providers so there is no need to undertake time consuming and costly compliance checks, or risk forgetting to do them. This service will provide notifications on renewal, expiry or removal of an Award.

Fred Dures LLB (Hons)

Founder and Director at PayePass

Fred is a solicitor who, after many years in private practice, has predominantly spent the last five years advising the many and varied clients he has amassed over the years that operate in the temporary workforce and recruitment sectors.

After the many years of acting for his clients, Fred says “I really do struggle to think of any legal, compliance or business critical function that I have not had to get immersed in to either resolve problems or to implement strategies to avoid them. Many of my clients have had the same issues and requirements common to all businesses regardless of sector and operating model, but those in the temporary workforce and recruitment sectors have many that are peculiar to them”.

Commenting on the PayePass Verify Award he says “Umbrella companies have come under greater pressure to demonstrate that they are not involved in tax avoidance and evasion schemes, withholding holiday pay, skimming that they are correctly paying their contractors. So, the Verify Module was conceived and developed, which I believe will revolutionise the payroll compliance standards for umbrellas as the PayePass Verify audit will quickly identify any miscalculating and wrongdoing.”

Then on the development of the new PayePass Fortify accreditation “Fortify will be a welcomed revolution in the temporary workforce section, for the entire supply chain. The last several years have seen other compliance standards come under criticism with significant failings identified. Our Fortify accreditation, available to all Services Providers in the sector, address all of the problems and will truly protect the entire supply chain”.

Fred’s strong belief is that “Every party in the supply chain must be treated fairly and legally and HMRC must be paid what it is due to it. A PayePass Verify award and Fortify accreditation will guarantee that”.

Keith Griffiths BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Mathematics

Lead software engineer

I decided to join PayePass as the passion for it to become a true leader in the competitive payroll software space was inspiring.

To be given the freedom to develop a new platform from the ground up and to take it to levels that surpass any other offering was too good an opportunity to pass over.

Development has not been without its challenges, but I really do live for the challenges and the whole team works as one to achieve all goals and targets.

Previously I was a Lead Developer at Foehn. During my tenure at Foehn, I helped the company develop and deliver its award-winning cloud phone system, Voxivo.

My goals are to always deliver customer focused software solutions that will help a business solve their current business needs while helping them expand in the future.

I’m an honour graduate of Kingston University, where I studied computer engineering and machine learning.

I current live in Liverpool when I’m not seeking adventure elsewhere. When I’m not working, I enjoy bowling and karate (not at the same time.)

Philippa Craig Bsc (Hons) Science & Accountancy, FCCA

Lead Accountant

Throughout my 25 years of experience within finance and accounting I have been involved in most areas of financial management including acquisitions, disposals, audit (both internal and external), payroll compliance, system design and integration, cost control, financial and management accounting in numerous sectors ranging from practice, manufacturing, financial services to leisure and tourism.

My prior role as Group Financial Manager of the Malmaison hotel group exposed me to the complexities of the vast and complicated payroll structure of the group, so well equipping me for my PayePass role to assist in the development of its payroll software and analysis of the payroll functions of its clients that seek to achieve its Verify Award.

I bring a “can do “attitude to any project especially one that requires extreme financial detail. I have received more than few moans (I am being polite here!) over my eye for detail but, as an accountant, I actually take them as compliments.

When not number crunching I’ll be out walking the dog stopping off for a bite to eat and often a little more.