PayePass Payroll

Intelligent, scalable, secure

The must have payroll software solution

PayePass Payroll is a cloud-based platform designed by experts with decades of combined experience within the payroll, accountancy, umbrella, legal and recruitment sectors.

Few sectors are as fast paced, competitive and as compliance heavy as payroll provision, so choosing the correct software partner is a business-critical decision to make.

Our platform is designed to protect your business as well as save you time and money and then go the extra mile and beyond to provide an outstanding employee experience.

The payroll solution you dream of

PayePass understands the failings of other providers and has taken account of them in building its payroll solution so that its clients, no matter their size and commitment to PayePass, will benefit from:
Whether you are performing payroll for just a few or 10,000 + employees, our platform will seamlessly scale ensuring:

Security at its core

With an increasing frequency of cyber-attacks on payroll providers designed to steal data, install ransomware, malware and cause maximum business interruption, working with PayePass gives you absolute confidence that our cloud-based software adheres to strict AWS and IT security best practise to ensure optimum security to protect your business, its employees and the invaluable data you hold.

Enhanced features included

With so many providers to choose from, why decide on the PayePass platform? If what we have already said is not enough, our other key features will swing your decision our way.

Banking hub

Stable and varied banking facilities are the lifeblood of all umbrella payroll functions, so PayePass has that covered with:

CRM integration

Whether it be HubSpot, Salesforce or any other mainstream CRM, PayePass will integrate it into our payroll solution to provide the perfect payroll platform for your business that will:

Batch uploading

With a spreadsheet in any format, receiving numerous types of payment files can be time consuming and expose you to risks of error. The PayePass payroll software will:

Onboarding assist

On-boarding employees is time consuming. Getting it wrong can result in financial and criminal sanctions. Not with the PayePass Android and iOS App developed exclusively for our clients:

And the App does more

Whether existing employees or new ones onboarded with or without use of the App, your employee experience will be improved as use of the App will:

Payroll Verification

When your business uses the PayePass payroll platform you can take your compliance to the next level and request a Verify audit to achieve and proudly display our PayePass Verify Award logo. This will confirm the highest degree of payroll compliance and informs your entire supply chain and HMRC that your payroll functions are compliant and accurate.

Regardless of the size of your business, PayePass will provide you with a tailored package of software, support and access to a customer service team who are here to help you every step of the journey with us

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