PayePass Verify

independent auditing to verify Payroll compliance and accuracy

Give your entire supply chain confidence

PayePass understands that ensuring all payroll calculations, deductions and payments are correct and demonstrating this to contractor employees, HMRC and your supply chain can be challenging.

How can you and they be confident that they are accurate? A Verify Award following a successful PayePass payroll audit is the solution.

With PayePass undertaking an independent audit of the entire payroll functions using Financial Reporting Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500, clients of PayePass Verify will be able to demonstrate: 

The steps to a PayePass Verify award are as simple as 1,2,3

Step 1
Read our Verify Awards Criteria – if you can abide by our Criteria
Step 3
Wait for your secure Tresorit link – upload your documents to be Verified
Step 2
Download the legal bits – if you are happy to sign

The PayePass Verify software along with our accounting and legal experts will then take over to analysis your payroll.

Much more than just verification…

Within the challenging umbrella sector, differentiating your business by demonstrating your compliance within the supply chain is never straightforward. 

PayePass Verify will:

PayePass Verify is a guarantee that you are getting it right. 

Here’s How PayePass Verify Works…

All Verify audits are based upon an analysis of the fundamental documents and data that makes up a complete payroll cycle including:

Assignment invoices/ timesheets

Bank statements




RTI submissions

Our auditing software then works its magic and…

Calculates to the penny whether all calculations have been correctly undertaken and all correct payments have been made. 

To add the finishing touches, eyes-on, randomised sampling is performed by our  accountants and payroll experts by applying the Financial Reporting Council International Standard on Auditing (UK) 500 ensures the most thorough financial audit available in the UK, second to none.

What’s more, we provide a detailed audit report to reinforce your verification award; a report that you can proudly show to the entire supply chain.

The key stages include…