Our Vision

PayePass - Protecting Your Business

Payroll for umbrella companies is not just traditional payroll, it’s much more. PayePass has the solutions

There are multiple routes within the umbrella payroll sector for businesses to showcase the extent of their compliance achievements but, when it comes down to PAYE calculations and payments, ultimately HMRC makes the final call on what is right and wrong, with employment businesses and end-clients taking an understandable keen interest.

Ensuring that correct payroll deductions (income tax, national insurance and holiday pay etc.) and payments are being made is a huge responsibility. Only PayePass has the solutions to remove any element of doubt. 

Our full payroll software coupled with our Verify Module will provide you, your contractors, HMRC and your supply chain with a guarantee that your entire payment stream is accurate and fully compliant.

PayePass Benefits

Provide a Compliance Guarantee

PayePass is not just about benefits for umbrella companies and their contractors. Employment businesses and end-clients also benefit from an association with a PayePass umbrella client.

With employment status changes because of IR35, updating of the Finance Act and Criminal Finances Act, and HMRC’s focus on eliminating tax avoidance schemes, proving an appropriate level of due diligence is unavoidable for the protection of the directors and shareholders of any business in the temporary workforce supply chain.

When an umbrella company displays the PayePass Verify Award, it’s a guarantee that our internal team of lawyers, accountants and payroll experts have verified that it has correctly calculated every salary and paid HMRC exactly what is due to it.

What Sets PayePass Apart?

No Other Payroll Software Provider Has The Solutions

Unlike others that provide compliance services to umbrella companies, PayePass has its own in-house regulated professionals to analyse and scrutinise every aspect of an entire payroll run for any given period.

To further support our credentials, independent chartered accountants expert in all things payroll, have validated our PayePass payroll  calculations and Verify Module to ensure that we have the most accurate payroll calculations at our fingertips.

Although not underestimating their importance to the sector, rather than just having our clients sign up to a list of best practices that they agree to abide by, PayePass ensures that its Verify Award Criteria is fully complied with and determined only by us.

The PayePass vision is for its Verify Award to become the foremost accepted wholly independent validation for umbrella companies that demonstrates its clients are confident enough to allow a financial deep dive to endorse their payroll compliance.

PayePass Approved Providers

The only ones you will ever need

Whether a client achieves a Verify Award, uses our payroll software or both they become an Approved Provider and can proudly display one or both of our logos.

Both display a unique ID number for each Approved Provider that links to our online database to confirm its legitimacy.

The database provides information on whether a client is a user of our payroll software, Verify solution or both. In the case of Verify, it will display the prior audit dates, outcomes and, depending on what they have signed up for, the next audit date.

Third parties can sign up for automatic updates regarding a specific client so there is no need to undertake time consuming and costly compliance checks, or risk forgetting to do them. This service will provide notifications on renewal, expiry or removal of a Verify Award.