Verify FAQs

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How often can you perform a Verify audit?

We recommend an audit every three months, but clients can opt for monthly.

How long do clients have to commit to PayePass Verify?

Our terms cover one month to one year and any period in between. 

Can you undertake just one Verify audit?

Yes, absolutely; the number of audits is decided by clients.

What is the required pass rate to receive a PayePass Verify certificate?


Will you publish all issued certificates?

Yes, our website will include a table of all current and expired certificates along with the date of issue, expiration date and next scheduled audit.

Will the information and data provided to you be held securely and confidentially?

Yes, 100%. Security and confidentiality are of paramount importance to us as they are to our clients. For further details, read our Data Security section and our Privacy Policy.

What is the significance of you having regulated professionals involved and who are they?

Regulated professionals must comply with the high standards imposed upon them by their regulating bodies, so their functions for PayePass must be undertaken professionally and confidentially. The regulated professionals include: Fred Dures (solicitor) and Phillipa Craig (chartered accountant).

What is your pricing Verify structure?

Our pricing is very flexible and will be tailored to the needs and circumstances of your business along with how long you choose to commit to PayePass. For further details, read our Verify Pricing Guide.