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Part and parcel of running a successful business is ensuring that it is managed compliantly and in accordance with best practice.

Failing to do either can expose a business to potential failure, financial and reputational damage and require significant time and resources to undo the issues to get back on track.

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Having the right documents and procedures in place is without question the most solid foundation upon which to build a well-run business, but the options to achieve this are vast with associated cost sometimes as vast. 

Does a business need to bring all compliance and legal issues in-house to be dealt with by one or more persons, bring in external professions when required or perhaps a blend of both? The answer will, of course, depend upon many factors for each business.

Whether a new start-up or well established, with no or little compliance in place or an overhaul is needed either reactively or proactively, dealing with compliance and the vast range of related legal issues doesn’t have to be over complicated. Significant parts of it can be achieved without expensive external professionals being called in.

Even with limited in-house resources, businesses can make large strides to becoming fully compliant if they have the right tools and legally checked pointers to work with. To help you achieve this, PayePass has partnered with Simply-Docs, the UK’s leading provider of legal and business documents to provide exclusive discounted prices for access to its substantial range of templates and guidance.

Here are some of the benefits of a Simply-Docs subscription: 

* Paye Pass does not receive any financial incentive for making its recommendation to subscribe to Simply-Docs, nor upon any subscription activated via the below promotional codes or through this website.
Subscriptions Standard Price Promotion Code Special Offer
£35.00 + VAT
£24.50 + VAT
> 890 documents – for contracting with customers/clients and suppliers.
£35.00 + VAT
£24.50 + VAT
> 600 documents – for finance and managing company secretarial duties.
£35.00 + VAT
£24.50 + VAT
> 800 documents – for recruiting, employing and managing staff.
£35.00 + VAT
£24.50 + VAT
> 495 documents – for monitoring, controlling and recording H&S at work.
£35.00 + VAT
£24.50 + VAT
> 785 documents – for landlords of commercial and/or residential property.
£95.00 + VAT
£66.50 + VAT
> 2785 documents – Business, Corporate, Employment and Health & Safety
£115.00 + VAT
£80.50 + VAT
> 3570 documents – Every document template on Simply-Docs

How to obtain the Offers

Step 1 – Register by clicking the required subscription
Step 2 – Select Document Folder/Subscription to by clicking on relevant BUY link.
Step 3 – Enter Promotion Code in the field – then click the OK button.

The page will refresh and the price will change to the Special Offer.

If you have any issues or queries, you can call Simply-Docs on 020 8878 7236