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IT Security Penetration Testing

Protect you business against the risks of a cyber-attack

With cyber-crime upon umbrella companies on the increase, no business can afford to not take proactive action to ensure IT security is top of the risk management agenda. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Website penetration testing (AKA pen testing) should be your first action to quickly understand your online vulnerabilities to then immediately eliminate them and reduce your exposure to cyber-criminals and the potentially business ending consequences.

PayePass has sourced UK based Website Penetration Services to offer its services to our clients and website browsers at a discounted rate for its full suite of testing, plus a no commitment free website security check. With accreditations including OSCP, OWASP and ISO 9001, Website Penetration Services has what you need to be confident that you are in safe hands.

No matter how your IT security is structured, with internal or external support or a blend of both, the services of Website Penetration Services are available to you.

The rise of cyber-crime

Probably unbeknown to most of them, 88% of UK businesses in 2021 experienced a cyber-attack.

Most businesses assume everything will be OK but, when a successful attack happens, it’s too late. It is an unfortunate fact that 40% of SMEs that are successfully attacked have to shut their doors as the reputational and financial damage cannot be survived.

If what has recently happened in the umbrella sector is not enough for all businesses involved in it to act quickly to improve IT security, here are more very disturbing statistics:

What protective actions should be taken?

Although cyber-criminals have other sophisticated routes into a business, it is accepted that one of the easiest ways in is via their commercial website and connected domains, very often through online portals, live chat, or the common place enquiry page.

In the IT security space, vulnerability testing of domains by pen testing is the accepted starting point. It will provide quick results, enable a business to rapidly focus on priorities and, potentially, avoid huge costs for unnecessary security measures.

Following the initial domain testing, Website Penetration Services then have the in-house knowledge and expertise to act like your very own ethical hacker and subject all of your systems to sustained and multiple attacks to test all aspects of your IT systems.

Pen testing explained

Deep pen testing can and really should cover:

All digital

All communications

What are the benefits of getting a pen test from Website Penetration Services?

How quick is pen testing?

It really does depend on how deep you want to go into your IT systems and the scale of them in any given business.

As a general guide, for testing to be done properly depending on what you require, 3-days to 3-weeks will enable the full range of testing to be undertaken.

If choosing Website Penetration Services as your pen testing provider, it will scope out your bespoke requirements and agree a detailed plan of action with timescales from start to finish as well as the ever important pricing.

Website Penetration Services packages developed for PayePass

Package Standard Price Turnround Time Promotion Code Special Offer
Initial Web vulnerability scan
£750 + VAT
3 days
£470 + VAT
Manual Web vulnerability scan & Penetration Test
£1900 + VAT
10 days
£1150 + VAT
Internal Vulnerability Assessment
£1900 + VAT
10 days
£1150 + VAT
Full Penetration Test
£4500 + VAT
10 days
£2500 + VAT
Social Vulnerability Test
£950 + VAT
10 days
£750 + VAT

Choose one of the packages above to obtain the discounted rate or speak to Website Penetration Services to scope out something more bespoke.

How to Obtain the Offers

Step 1 – click the “Free Pen Test” button below to go through to our website
Step 2 – fill in your website and contact details and then click “free site check
Step 3 – Website Penetration Services will contact you with a free report and to discuss other security testing options listed above
Step 4 – give us a call on 0800 002 9017 or email

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